Powershell tips for the every day developer


Some months ago I decided to give Powershell a try and learn to use it for my daily tasks as a developer. I'll share here some common tasks I have to do almost every day and how I accomplish them using Powershell.

Finding files and directories

Who hasn't have …

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How I helped a company to save time using Gmail, Trello and Python


I created a script that creates Trello cards from Gmail emails and it helped a company to save time by automating their information requests process. You can find the code on Github: gmail-to-trello.


During the last couple of months, I've been helping a friend to automate some …

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Winfortress, fortifying a Windows 10 workstation

Continuing with my infosec learning, I recently finished the book "Máxima Seguridad en Windows: Secretos Técnicos" by Sergio de los Santos (@ssantosv) which in English would be something like "Maximum Security in Windows: Technical Secrets". The synopsis on the back of the book says "The first book about security for …

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Put a Latch on your Umbraco backoffice


Watch the video at the bottom of this post.

What is Latch?

Some time this year, I found Latch which is a very cool service that allows you to protect your online identities by closing or opening them. The way it works is very simple yet powerful. For …

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Integrating Umbraco with third parties using Models Builder

In my last post I talked about the Umbraco Models Builder Basics where I showed how we can read our sites data using automatically generated strongly typed models, but sometimes we've got to integrate our Umbraco solutions with third parties and mix their data with ours. In this post, I'll …

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Umbraco Models Builder basics

Umbraco Models Builder was one of the many packages out there to create strongly typed models on Umbraco. From version 7.4 it is part of the core so everyone gets it out of the box.

The first things you need to know about Models Builder is how to enable …

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How to integrate Hangfire with Umbraco

Hangfire is a fantastic tool that I've found myself using more and more on every project I work.

If you haven't heard of Hangfire before, it allows you to perform background tasks inside ASP.NET applications. This "simple" thing opens a broad range of possibilities, for example, send emails or …

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Hacking cars in Latin America

"Hackeando carros en Latinoamerica" is the title of a talk given by Jaime Restrepo (@DragonJAR). It's a fascinating talk about a lot of security flaws he found in Chevrolet vehicles. The funny thing is that everything started with a simple email, and from there everything escalated very quickly. It was …

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How I learnt to generate custom word lists with Crunch

As I said on my first post, I'm taking a course on Ethical Hacking and in one of the exercises I had to exploit a Windows 7 machine. I learnt a lot trying to get into that system and one of those things was how to generate word lists using …

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Hello World!

In the past, I had thought about starting a blog, but it never was more than that, a thought. Until today.

Today, while I was helping a colleague with a problem, I realised that I don't really know how I got to know all I know as today. Of course …

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